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A cost effective token MASS distribution tool
Quickly distribute ERC-20 tokens, BEP-20 tokens, or native (L1) coins to a large number of wallets on the ETH, Polygon or BNB Chain (BSC). The tool is a secure, 100% non-custodial solution that is easy to use and requires absolutely no coding.
Using ProtoDrop couldn’t be easier. Simply:
1. Select the correct blockchain.
2. Select the type of token/native coin.
3. Verify the address of the smart contract for the tokens/coins being distributed.
4. Download the .csv template.
5. Add the list of wallet addresses and the number of tokens going to each wallet to the .csv sheet.
6. Upload the .csv file to ProtoDrop.
7. Approve all the details.
8. Hit send, pay the gas fee in your wallet and off they go. The recipients receive their tokens as soon as the blockchain confirms the transfer.
Bang, you're done!
Surprised about the low gas fee?! Yeah, we optimised the process and made it a cost effectively tool!
Network support
Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, and POM.
More chains can be supported per the successful request of blockchains.
  • Use ProtoDrop for FREE throughout 2022!
  • Great subscription rates and discounts for existing users coming in 2023.